Why Choose Python?

By Jody S. Ginther Copyright © 2016 - All Rights Reserved
Python Beginners Book

Start Here: Python 3x Programming for Beginners What is Python? When and why should beginning programmers choose the Python language for making games? What else can you do with Python? First of all, we need to mention that Python comes in many flavors, allowing you the power to use code more easily from other languages, and each type of Python is custom designed to do programming faster and easier than most programming languages.

Theoretically, you can use any programming language to make nearly any kind of software. This is generally true but would you rather dig a hole for a swimming pool using a spoon or a back-hole excavator? One tool would take you several years and bloody fingers to get the job done; while the other could do it in a matter of hours while you are sitting in a comfortable chair. That is why there are so many programming languages out there. They are different tools fit for different jobs. Python however, is a multipurpose tool making nearly all jobs easier. There is no need to learn dozens of languages. Python is designed to be more readable to humans, making it easier and faster to learn. A quick search on the most useful computer languages will always include Python. Want a job as a programmer? Python needs to be on your list of skills.

The Python language is now the number one programming language for teachers and universities. How does Python compare to other top programming languages like Java, C and LISP? An overly simplified comparison of Python and other top programming languages:

Why didn't I compare Python to C#? Although Iron Python helps Python work with C# code, from personal experience, I prefer to run from anything that may require a framework or other major dependency? What's that? The most popular one is .NET framework. A dependency is like a pre-made house frame that makes it easy and faster to build a house. Why is this bad? Let me tell you a story. Many days, long ago, I worked on a series of games as a lone programmer. For over one year I worked and worked. Then one day, the software company who design the framework I was using, (who shall remain nameless), decided to alter the framework and make the old one useless and obsolete. This evil villain made sure my games and the work of thousands of other programmers would no longer function. Thus, by controlling compatibility and eliminating some competition they could sell more of their own programs. It is possible to work in C# without the convenience of these dependencies, but if I want a faster program, I would just go directly with C. For my personal workflow and goals, C# has no useful advantages over C.

What are the disadvantage of Python? Although you could use Python, I prefer HTML5 for websites since it is the international standard for the web and is so simple. Python does not play well with some mobile devices. Android or iPad's latest languages may be better for those markets.

So why choose Python as your first language? Python in your toolbox shortens development time, time troubleshooting, and learning time. Saving time in development is saving money and frustration for programmers which boosts productivity and reduces stress. Using Python can eliminate the need for crippling dependencies. Python is powerful and versatile. Finally, the most powerful reason for starting with Python is the availability of code written by other programmers.

Why rewrite code that is already written and available for you to use? With many software projects, re-inventing the wheel becomes a total unnecessary waste of your time and life. The key to faster programming and less damage to your eyesight, spine, and sanity is to reuse rather than write code whenever possible. Python's was designed for this very purpose and oceans of code are available for you to use. At the time of this writing nearly 80,000 code packages are available at Pypi. Python communities also offer free code and open source code for you to use in your projects. You are only going to live a certain number of hours, use them wisely. Python should be your first language or if you are an experienced programmer, added to your toolbox as a powerful multipurpose tool. The final choice of tools will depend upon your goals as a programmer and your target markets. But, there is no doubt in my mind that Python must be in your toolbox. Start Here: Python 3x Programming for Beginners