Free Python Code for Making a List Box

This is free Python 3x code that displays lists in two horizontal windows. Just copy and paste the code into Python and run it:

from tkinter import * # Import the Tkinter library
root = Tk() # Create a background window object

# A simple way to create 2 lists
li = ['Jackie Chan','Pink Panther','Bruce Lee','Lucy Liu','Chuck Norris','Bill Wallace']
movie = ['Arctic','Yo Frankie','Terminator']
listb = Listbox(root) # Create 2 listbox widgets
listb2 = Listbox(root)
for item in li: # Insert each item inside li into the listb

for item in movie: # Do the same for the second listbox

listb.pack() # Pack each listbox into the main window
root.mainloop() # Invoke the main event handling loop