Welcome to the Art of Programming!

By Jody S. Ginther Copyright © 2016 - All Rights Reserved

Programming and art can no longer be thought of as totally different worlds. They join each other as one in computer games, mobile apps, and software. 3D graphic arts and animated graphics give life to each game you play and each application you use. Computer graphic arts and modern programming are now interlaced as logic just is one with the creativity of geniuses. Einstein often mentioned that when he hit a logical stumbling block, he grabbed his violin and stimulated his creative juices to solve the problem. Toonzcat.com is your entry portal into other dimensions that will help develop skills and expand your knowledge of animated graphic arts and programming. The wedding and eternal joining of logical sciences and creative arts has arrived; here you are invited to join the family.

Free Python 3 Video Tutorials

Start Here: Python 3x Programming for Beginners This is a short, free, e-book, to download and begin your journey into Python 3x programming. The free version will provide you with enough experience as a newbie in programming to know if Python is for you.

Intro To Game Making A short article to introduce game making and game development for the beginnner.

Free Python 3x Code Free Python 3 code to use in commercial or non-commercial projects. The best way to learn programming is to play with the code. We will add copy and paste code snippets to this section as we have time.

Free Resources for Game Making Free graphics, assets, 3D models, fonts, sounds, music, and other resources to make games. A game developers dream page.

Free Video Tutorial 1: Intro to Python 3x

Free video tutorial introducing Python 3 programming.