Welcome to totally free Python code!

This is a small collection of totally free Python 3x code snippets, modules, and examples. The best way to learn a programming language is by playing with and analysing examples. Just copy and paste the code into Python's interface and alter these examples to learn more about Python programming. At this time, there are only a few examples to play with and learn from, but in time we will add more code snippets, Python recipes, and modules to learn from. We offer thanks and appreciate to all programmers, beginners or experts, who donate their code for Python fans.


Output A simple button that produces screen output.
Text A simple button that displays text.
List Button A simple button that displays a list.

Graphics and Drawing

Circle An example of how to create a circle in Python 3x.
Rectangle An example of how to create a rectangle in Python.

Entry Interfaces

Entry box Code for a simple entry box for text and numbers in Python3x.


List box A simple box to display your lists.
Scrollbar How to make a scroll bar in Pyton 3x.


Calculator A simple calculator for converting feet to meters.