Welcome to a dream page of free game making resources!

This is a wonder list of sites that provide free resources for game developers and people learning to make games. You will find free 3D models for animations as well. The ultimate challenge for anyone new to game making is to find free assets, music, sounds, free sprites, graphics, fonts, and other resources to use in commercial or non-commercial projects. We have attempted to list primarily free resources that can be used in commercial projects. However, you must carefully research the terms of use and possible license restrictions for anything you have not created yourself. Especially for commercial projects. I hope this list saves you hours of time and frustration so you can begin making games asap.

General Game Making Resources

Free Game Arts This is a great site that promotes free and open source resources for making games.
Open Game Art More free resources and assets for open source projects.
3D Game Resources Free 3D models and other assets.
Wrath Games Textures, sprites, music, and sound.
WikiWorlds Many assets available for free. Wikia Virual Words seeks to create virtual 3D worlds.


Acid Fonts Many free fonts.
Open Font Library Open-source fonts.
League of Moveable Type Only the best, free and open-source, fonts.
More Fonts Freeware, shareware, or public domain fonts. You must consider usage requirements one by one.


Blender Model Repository Amazing Free Blender 3D resources.
3D Models Blender 3D models.
Blender Swap Just as it sounds; a community to swap 3D models and assets.
Google 3D Warehouse 3D models for use in Google SketchUp.
3D Cafe You must create a few models of your own and submit them to access their data base.
Tile Sets Some nice textures and tiles.
Wikia Virtual Worlds 3D models for virtual worlds.


Free Music Archive Free, quality music.
Incompetech: Royalty free music.
Jamendo Free Music Free and legal music.
Open Music Archive Recordings that have expired copy rights.


SpriteLib Static and animated sprites that are free for commercial and non-commercial use.
Has Graphics A nice collection of free sprites for commercial and non-commercial use.
Lost Garden Free game graphics.


Freesound Project Database of Creative Commons licensed sounds.
Pdsounds Public domain sound library.
SFX Sourced Royalty free music loops. Check terms and conditions.

Textures and Tiles

CG Textures The world’s largest free texture site.
Eonworks Free textures.
Image After Many free images and textures for commercial and non-commercial use.
Mayang Many high-resolution textures.
Rinerstilesets Textures and some nice 3D models.
Texturer Free textures.