Why Choose Blender 3D for Animation?

By Jody S. Ginther Copyright © 2016 - All Rights Reserved
Blender animation What it Blender? Blender 3D is a professional powerful open source software for making 3D animations, game assets, movies, special effects, 3D printer models, interactive 3D applications, and games. The most amazing thing about Blender is that it is open source, which means it is free! We have used 3D animation software that costs thousands of dollars and found that Blender can to the job just as well and sometimes better! You don't have to pay ridiculous prices every time there is an upgrade or change in the program. Blender is supported and developed by an army of open source programmers continually improving it. Blender 3D has physics and particle generators that can create realistic clouds, rain, hair, et. With Blender 3D you can create a 3D realistic or fantasy world.

The real question is not, "Why choose Blender 3D?" but is, "Why wouldn't you choose it?" There are two reasons I can think of that may motivate someone to choose another 3D software. One reason would be if your job depends upon the ability to use a commercial 3D application it may take you some time to learn the different interfaces. However, Blender does have 3DMax and Maya presets for user used to those interfaces. The biggest problem I have found with Blender is the learning time. It is a huge program that not only requires a lot of time to learn, but requires time to re-learn every time they make major changes to the interface. If you are not actively using it on a regular basis, you may find most of your previous knowledge becomes useless and you must start over again learning to find things and do things in the program. Overall, when comparing the cost of time necessary to relearn compared to the financial cost of other professional 3D graphic arts software, Blender wins. Unless of course the time it takes you to find your way around new versions is worth thousands of dollars. Get Blender here then go to our 3D Blender Video Tutorials to get started.